Garlic Baths, the only bath that will make you stinK!!

Garlic Baths and Garlic Water, MRSA’s worst enemy.

Garlic beats MRSA everytime.  It can NEVER gain resistance to it.  Garlic baths have shown to be an extremely effective method to fight MRSA sores and keep your skin sore free.  Because garlic is a natural antibiotic and stimulant, a garlic bath will leave you feeling clean and energized.

We should start with the basics.  Not all garlic is the same.  In order to prolong it’s shelf life, a lot of garlic is irradiated. Especially garlic that has traveled a long way.   The specific breed of garlic is not a big deal, though elephant garlic is very mild and you may have to use a lot more.  Basically, the hotter/stinkier the garlic, the better!  But, it has to be alive. 

To check if your garlic is still alive, crack open a clove lengthwise.  There should be a small sprout running up the center.  If it’s alive it will be a yellowish/green color.  If you got a brown sprout, your garlic is dead.

Garlic Powder and dried minced garlic can work, it all depends how it was prepared. To test it, put some in water and let it rehydrate.  If it burns your tongue a bit when you taste it, it will work. Fresh is always going to be more potent, but these alternatives can work in a pinch.

So now you have the good garlic.  CRUSH IT.   A press is best, but no fancy tools needed.  Chop it, smash it with the side of your knife or hit it with a hammer.  You just want to break up the fibers of the garlic, releasing the juices.  Now you WAIT.  The effective ingredient in garlic is called Allicin, but  it needs time to develop.  Allicin is what gives garlic it’s “stink”.  It takes about 15 minutes for the proper amount of Allicin to build up.  But,  don’t go longer than 45 minutes, because it will begin to break down.

Add the garlic to roughly a quart of water (this measurement is not important) and let it steep for 30 mins or so. Straining off the garlic as you add the water to your bath.  Garlic can burn the skin, and especially for kids this is a good idea.  Those little bits can be trouble later.  For adults, you can add the garlic to the tub and just add water.  Just make sure you rinse well.

The bath may sting a bit when you first get in, that is the acid in the garlic, but the sting should pass pretty quickly.  The warm water opens your pores, allows the Allicin to enter your capillaries and be transmitted pretty deeply into your skin, where MRSA lives.  Soak as long as you can bring a book.  Reheating the water, if needed.   Garlic can be diluted to a pretty high degree and still be effective.

There is no need to disinfect your tub prior to or after a garlic bath.  Garlic will do that for you.

To prevent pieces of crushed garlic from getting stuck in body parts or clogging your drain, you can make a sachet using a coffee filter and tying at the top to make a “Garlic tea bag” and still get the needed results.

Garlic water is safe on your face and in your hair as well, just be careful, as it can burn your eyes.

Garlic water/baths are also effective for Acne and facial MRSA sores.  Dip a cotton ball or cotton disk in garlic water, treat the spot.  It does leave a sticky film, so an hour later, you may want to wash your face again.

Garlic Bath Recipe

(since garlic comes in all sizes even in the same bulb, these are approximate, and you can play with strengths on the water, just know stronger can mildly burn skin)

Garlic Baths

Adult/Full Tub - 5 or 6 cloves

Child/Infant - 2 or 3 cloves  (For sink/baby bath)  You can always test the water yourself to ensure it’s not too strong.

Garlic Water

Astringent/Spot treater - 1 clove to 2 cups

Foot Soak - 5-6 cloves in a gallon

(garlic water is also a great antifungal, So, it will knock our nail fungus/athletes foot too!)

Garlic water will keep for about 2 days with or without refrigeration, after that the smell will deter further use.

Garlic baths are effective whether your sores are open or not.  Though, if you have open sores, the sting could be a bit worse. 

*Garlic will not interfere with your medical regimen.  If you have been told to do Bleach baths, we suggest trying these first, they are JUST as effective at disinfecting your skin.  And, unlike bleach, can be used in your hair, won’t damage nails, or any towels or clothing it comes in contact with.

There is a LOT Garlic can do for you, and a lot more it can do for MRSA.  But, because this is the first thing EVERY MRSA patient should know, and Garlic is the most effective homeopathic treatment, we wanted this to be our first post.

Let me end by saying, at no point are we advocating going against your Doctors advice.  This remedy is intended to work in conjunction with your treatment regimen.  And, like all posts on this blog is derived from the anecdotal experiences of other MRSA Fighters.  If you choose to attempt this, you are doing so at your own risk.  Start slowly, test along the way.  ”It worked for me” is the only endorsement I give. 

There will be a lot more on garlic to come!!

 This information was based on articles by Bob Anderson - The Garlic Kingimage

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